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We’re doing something a bit new with the online fiction roundup, as you can see. After each site name, there is a stat letting you know how many of the authors in that issue were female out of a total. For example, 2 for 3 means that out of 3 stories publishes in that issue, 2 were by women. This is there not only to show you which magazines have what look like a somewhat fair ratio, but to make our readers aware of how many other stories are out there as well. Just because we don’t list those other stories on our site, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go read those as well. Enjoy!

ETA: I have added a few stories that were missed when I first posted the roundup…


Coyote Wild (4 of 10)

Fantasy Magazine (4 for 9)


Ideomancer (2 for 3)

Jim Baen’s Universe (3 for 12)

Lone Star (2 for 3)

Serendipidy (5 for 5)

Strange Horizons (5 of 8 )


In the interest of getting some of the links up faster, I’m going to try to put this roundup up in two separate posts. Which stories make it into the first post and which ones make it into the second will be determined by whichever markets it occurs to me to look at first. I also hope this will make it easier for me to actually read more of the stories. So, onward!


Coyote Wild

Allegory Magazine

Diet Soap (it looks like you can still get a free PDF from them)

  • Diary of a Nonsworn by Holly K. Hein

Abyss & Apex

InterGalactic Medicine Show

Here they are, the last of the online short stories by women of 2007. If you’re looking for a fun, quick read, Hobgoblin Crush is a good place to start. And for anyone who is, or was, a NYC dweller, The You Train by N.K. Jemison will bring up a lot of those surreal memories of waiting in subway stations at 4 a.m. wondering what, if any, train will come. Because everyone who ever lived there has those memories.

What stories are you rooting for during this awards season?



Strange Horizons


Coyote Wild

Fantasy Magazine

Lone Star Stories

Jim Baen’s Universe

It’s December already? I’m still not used to California weather. My brain only registers winter when it sees snow. Unfortunately because of ensuing holiday craziness, I didn’t get to actually read a lot of the fiction this time around. I’m still trying to catch up. Luckily it seems that any magazine that publishes on anything less than a monthly basis times it so they don’t put out a new issue in November–either that or they make sure they don’t have any female writers in their ranks this time of year.

Once again Strange Horizons has one of the best ratios–going 4 for 4 last month.



Strange Horizons


Subterranean Online



InterGalactic Medicine Show – Issue #6 (which was actually October…oops!)

  • The Towering Monarch of His Mighty Race by Cat Rambo
  • A Spear through the Heart by Cherith Baldry


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