Feb & March Online Fiction

We’re doing something a bit new with the online fiction roundup, as you can see. After each site name, there is a stat letting you know how many of the authors in that issue were female out of a total. For example, 2 for 3 means that out of 3 stories publishes in that issue, 2 were by women. This is there not only to show you which magazines have what look like a somewhat fair ratio, but to make our readers aware of how many other stories are out there as well. Just because we don’t list those other stories on our site, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go read those as well. Enjoy!

ETA: I have added a few stories that were missed when I first posted the roundup…


Coyote Wild (4 of 10)

Fantasy Magazine (4 for 9)


Ideomancer (2 for 3)

Jim Baen’s Universe (3 for 12)

Lone Star (2 for 3)

Serendipidy (5 for 5)

Strange Horizons (5 of 8 )


  1. You’re wrong.

    That issue of Universe had 3 stories by women, and more than 5 stories.
    12, in fact.

  2. You are correct. I thought that all the stories were shown on that front page, but I was wrong. Thanks for the heads up, Rick, and I’ll work on adding the extra stories to the roundup.

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