October Online Fiction

I hope everyone who attended WFC this weekend had a blast–got you all revved up to read some great short stories, didn’t it? 

There are some names where it is very difficult to tell the gender of the author–this is probably done on purpose fairly often. I do my best to track down author pages or biographies that will clear things up, but sometimes search engines give me nothing. One of these days someone, somewhere, will get offended. They will ask why I included all the other female authors in an issue but not them. Or, even worse, I’ll get an email to the tune of “Just because my name is Lisa Marie does not mean I’m a girl!” All I can say is that I try my best. If I have any doubts, or can’t find any info on the author, the story is not going to be included. Plausible deniability, and all. Feel free to leave me a comment correcting me, and I’ll add the story. 

One of my favorite stories of October was Catherine and the Satyr by Theodora Goss. There is a lot of power in it, and it’s the kind of story that really requires more than one read.

Also I discovered a new magazine–well, new to me. I had never read Allegory Magazine before, though I believe it’s been around for a while. I can’t find any archives, so I don’t know what I may have missed this past year, but they seem to put out a lot of stories–a lot of good stories, I should say. They are definitely going to be added to my regular reading roster.


Strange Horizons



The Town Drunk



Farrago’s Wainscot

Jim Baen’s Universe


Fantasy Magazine


  1. It should be noted that Memree at Farrago’s is a reprint.

    Also, Allegory is a great zine! (speaking as someone who used to edit for them)

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