Online Fiction, Winter/Spring 2007

Taking a trip on the wayback machine, here are the stories authored by women that were published online in the early months of 2007:

Abyss & Apex Issue #21: 1st Quarter 2007

Abyss & Apex Issue #22: 2nd Quarter 2007

Aeon Issue #10

  • Ex Muro by Dana William Paxson
  • The Scarecrow’s Bride by Marina Fitch
  • The City in Morning by Carrie Richerson
  • Dia Chjermen’s Tale: The Delmoni Atrocity by Kij Johnson
  • Another Saturday Night in Georgia by Lorelei Shannon

Chizine Issue #32

Snow for Flowers by Leslie Claire Walker

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #6

Issue #3

Issue #4

Helix Issue #3

IGMS Issue #4

Jim Baen’s Universe Vol 1 Num 5

Lone Star Stories Issue #19

Strange Horizons

The Cafe Irreal Issue #21

The Town Drunk

 Coyote Wild

This is not the entirety of the online fiction world, of course, but this is a pretty comprehensive list. If you think I’ve missed an important market, let me know in comments.

One more thing — please click through the market links and take a look at the ratio of male to female published stories. It’s very enlightening.



  1. Are you guys looking at Coyote Wild? I had a story published in their Spring issue:

    The other women in that issue are B. Gordon and Laura Anne Gilman. Well, the other two authors who use initials instead of first names might also be women, but I don’t know them.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Jennifer! We usually check it–Coyote Wild did make it into the September Fiction edition. Must have gotten missed by the wayback machine this time around.

  3. I actually wasn’t aware of Coyote Wild until the September post went up. Jasmine is much more on the ball than I am!

    All of the markets I checked are on the blogroll under Online Fiction We Read. So if we’re missing any other markets you think we should be paying attention to, please let us know.

  4. The current issue of Tin House is an all-women issue, and Kelly Link’s story, “Light”, is online.

  5. Thanks for the tip, Niall!

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