More New Things

Continuing with the changes here at the bookswap blog. First, we switched the theme (in case you hadn’t noticed). Hopefully this one will be more reader-friendly. Bigger text! Fewer sidebars! More chocolate! …Okay, maybe not that last one.

Next up: Book Reviews. In addition to the short fiction reviews/online fiction roundups our wonderful blog editor will post, I’ve also invited some folks to post reviews of books here. You’ll see those mostly toward the middle and end of the month. If you see a book/novel that interests you, drop by the forum and see if anyone is swapping that title. If not, you can always request it (or buy it yourself and then swap it with us!).

Finally: Don’t forget to join the swap on the forum. I’ll probably keep saying this until everyone everywhere has joined. I’m like an NPR pledge drive but much, much worse 😉



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