Getting Started

Welcome to the tentative beginnings of what I hope will be a great experiment in community empowerment. I hope it will lead to more recognition of SF written by women and more balanced award ballots next year and in years to come.

To start, please read our About post, if you haven’t already and join the LibraryThing group. Also check out our “How to Help” page to get even more involved. If you’re a female SF author or publish female SF authors, read about how to get your book circulating in our bookswap. If you know of a book coming out (or already out) that fits the criteria, make sure it’s listed on the FeministSF Wiki.

I’m also looking for someone to help me manage this blog. We won’t post very often, but someone needs to keep an eye on the comments, spam, etc., with some regularity. If you’re interested, drop me a comment.


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